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Who Is Gil d'Oliveira AKA treblig

I was always amazed watching a man named Ted Peck who had one of the pioneering fishing shows in the 1960. He was doing what I loved, fishing. He showed different aspects of fishing, from salt water to fresh water, and trying out new techniques and
new tackle.

As I grew older my love for fishing grew immensely. I would love to have my own show, or be one of these special people called pro staff, and to be a representative of a company that would share the same values of spreading the knowledge to the common fisher person. I wanted to be a representative that is not governed by political views, popularity, advertisement, and monetary gain, but to always be honest. I realized later that pro staff were often professional guides; individuals that have their own television shows, or consistent winners of large fishing tournaments. Many others hadpersonal contacts with influential people. None of these elements were in my portfolio.

What I was I?

... I was the common fisherman with lots of experience just like the everyday fisher person.
I didn't realize how much I loved doing these reviews and my interest to become a product field tester haunted me for numerous years.

I thought that I had become a purist, a snob ...

I had great knowledge, but I was unwilling to share what I knew with other anglers. Then came the home computer area. With the development of the internet and the various open forum websites for many categories, which included fishing and outdoors equipment.

These new exciting open web sites welcomed individuals to share in their experience. I wanted to renew my steelhead knowledge that I had gained in the 70’s and 80’s in British Columbia while fishing the Squamish River, the Vedder River and the Chilliwack River. I mentioned this on a fishing forum,and this individual, Matt Stabler, who new nothing of me, opened his heart and welcomed me. Matt invited me to join him on one of his adventures on the Stamp River system. He helped me so much that we became very close friends. Matt changed my views and I wanted to be a mentor also in helping others.

With the openness of forums like FishTactics,  FishArmy Canada, National Pro Staff , I had changed my direction.
 I gained more experiences with lakes, small streams, big rivers, sloughs, reservoirs, and ocean beaches. The consistent pattern was that I was catching a lot of fish. By the time I was 35 - I had a large volume of knowledge that I wouldn't think of sharing with others. Why should I? After all nobodyever gave me a break; I learned how to fish the hard way. Yet, what was the meaning of all that saved knowledge if I couldn't share what I loved doing the most in fishing, with others?
Twenty-three years ago I bought a pair of breathable waders that leaked the first day. I sent them back to the company with a disclosed full review on the waders. That company loved my notes and so began my love of reviewing products.
During the next three years I wound up with a number of wader samples from that company to review under many different conditions. That opportunity would last until economics became an issue and the company shut down their local production facility.

Who was I now? What Had I become?

I guess you can call me a hard-core pro. Willing to help those who are willing to help themselves. I will fish to whatever the circumstance require.

Whether I fly fish or gear fish I hold no prejudices to anyone as long as they fish with ethics.

National Pro Staff



National Pro Staff


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